Our Story

Aurelia is a design line created by Andrea, Paula and Magdalena de la Torre Suárez. All three women studied different majors at Parsons The New School for Design and had always wanted to collaborate on a family project. They currently live in different cities —Los Angeles, Madrid and Mexico City. Aurelia brings them and their diverse sources of inspiration, together. 

The brand launched with the Ladrillo Collection in 2017 which consists of unique, elaborated wooden bags with interchangeable Charro straps handmade by Mexican specialized artisans. This line was created as a tribute to their beloved Asturian great-grandmother Aurelia; an innovative, creative and advanced woman for her time. Her legacy as a creative and forward-thinking woman inspired the three sisters from Guadalajara to reinterpret elements of Mexico’s rich charrería culture. Celebrating the strength and beauty of the charro aesthetic, Aurelia has become a way for them to honor their Mexican heritage and family as a matriarchy of resilient, independent women.

The three sisters work with artisans specialized in woodworking and charrería to design one-of-a-kind customizable wooden bags, leather straps, belts, cotton reins and other timeless accessories, gaining the inspiration from a pure and traditional sport and craft from Mexico that achieves to empower femininity through its strength and beauty. This sport and art form, invented in the 16th Century, revolves around horses and cattle as much as around the elegant attire worn by the charros (the riders) and the horses’ saddlery.

We intend to create and produce atemporal designs with ethical standards, collaborating with artisans, respecting them profoundly for their artistry and expertise, and consciously making design choices that are friendly to our planet.



Aurelia partners with several craftsmen in Mexico City and Jalisco who work from their own studios or homes, where they can spend more time with their families and pass on their expertise to the next generation. We value artisanal talent and pride ourselves on our use of ancestral and traditional craft techniques in the execution of our designs. Designing on our own terms rather than the industry standard, we understand that each piece is a work of art; we collaborate with the craftsmen throughout the design process to learn from them and ensure they have the time and resources they need to enhance their skills while simultaneously contributing to the local economies and financially supporting age-old traditions.

We produce in small batches allowing us to produce based on demand, avoiding excess waste as much as possible. Our products are both sourced and made locally.

All of Aurelia’s Ladrillo bags are made exclusively with recycled and reforested woods. Each bag goes through at least twenty hands in the production process before it gets to its owners, they can be customized according to the taste and preference of each client.

Our leather products are made from cowhide, hand-picked for quality purposes, the master artisans consciously take into account not to have excess waste. The leather cutouts are used for products, even the smaller pieces become bracelets or key chains. Most of the fine detailing in our belts and straps are made from recycled hand sculpted bone.

Our packaging is made from jerga, a traditional Mexican textile made from 100% recycled cotton used for cleaning wood and other materials.

We intend to explore and work with more sustainable materials for our new products.